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Progress Continues With Drilling and Piping

Geothermal Drilling-8599.jpg Geothermal Drilling-8609.jpg
Geothermal Drilling-8627.jpg
Well drilling has continued at a rapid pace with Durbin Geothermal keeping more than four drill rigs on site. Focus has now been directed to the circuit piping in the well fields and header piping back to the geothermal plants to allow the northeast parking lots to be placed back in service as soon as possible.

Drilling has been complete in all the north parking lots and drilling is more than 30 percent complete in lot 11. Work continues on the 16th Street crossing Northwest of Emerson Electric.

Well circuit piping is complete in Lots #35 and #27 and should be complete in Lots #14 and #6 by the end of this week. Circuit piping in Lot #8 can be completed after the headers are completed into Straumanis-James Hall.

Well drilling has reached a milestone with more than 50% of the wells drilled for the project as of this week. The focus shifts in parking area L, as repaving of parking lots 35, 27, 14 and 6 is targeted to be complete by August 20th, the first day of classes.

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